About Us


Airway has been saving customers money on auto and truck parts since 1956 and is the ONLY green recycling yard in Calhoun County. We take care of you with lower costs on original OEM parts. We take care of the environment by doing things right.

• SAVE up to 80% on parts you pull, plus get a free lifetime warranty

• SAVE on recycled parts in our warehouse

• Great running CARS under $3900, including two year parts warranty. Click here to view complete details.

Click here to view photos of currently available cars.

Dontate Your Car

Unlike many other vehicle donation programs we give 100% percent of purchase price of your vehicle directly to your chosen charity. Click below to donate your car.

Recycled Parts

We carefully remove, clean and warehouse important parts for quick delivery and with the environment in mind and for quick delivery. Check below to find the part you need.

For our professional customers (repair facilities), we strive to help them be more competitive and increase their customers’ satisfaction with genuine recycled parts. This allows car owners to pay less for repairs and still have original OEM parts.


Finally, we are very proud to be the only true green auto recycling facility in Calhoun county. We feel that protecting the environment is a very important corporate responsibility. We carefully drain all fluids from the cars and trucks we buy and are registered with the EPA for the proper disposal of mercury switches. We also accept tires, batteries and automotive fluids for proper disposal.