Welcome to Airway!

When you want to purchase high quality used auto parts and need help getting what’s right for your car, shop at Airway Auto Parts and Recycling.

Address: 3500 West Dickman Road, Springfield, MI

Store Hours: Mon - Fri (8:00AM - 5:00PM) , Sat (9:00 AM - 3:00 PM)

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Affordable Used Cars

Airway has great used cars for a budget price and a great warranty:

Most cars and trucks are under $3900.
Click here to see the current inventory.
Each car or truck comes with a FREE two year parts inventory.
Click here to view the complete details on this unique warranty.
Usually over 30 cars to choose from
New selections every week

Self Service Parts

Save up to 80% when you pull your own parts AND get a free lifetime warranty on those parts (ask for details).

Sell Your Car Direct

Sell your car direct to the recycler and get more $$$! We buy over 200 cars every month. Because we ARE the recycling yard, we can pay higher prices to seller who sell direct to us and bypass the middlemen (independent scrappers who do not have a recycling facility and who make a profit by selling YOUR car to US).